Friday, May 23, 2008

And So It Goes...

Soon, all my junk will be back in the suitcase (how it's going to fit is anybody's guess), and I'll be dragging everything down to the car. Homer is so funny - the car rental guy said that if he wasn't around when it was time for me to leave, to just park the car in the airport parking lot, put the key under the floor mat and leave the door unlocked. Can you imagine???

I've had the most wonderful time. I nearly lost my mind with excitement and joy. I've found so much of what I need to impart to my characters here - The Alaskan independent, adventurous spirit; the tendency to avoid bothering their neighbors in order that all may live as they choose; the diversity of opinion, and the respect and care they take with the abundant wildlife here. I also found the role model for my evil-villainess and I heard a funny riddle I intend to include.

So my trip is done. Tomorrow night, I'll see my kidlet's adorable little face, and I'll be sleeping with two demented cats under a pile of blankets that smell like my dog. Life could not get any sweeter!

Thanks for letting me share.


Anonymous said...

Welcome home! We (myself and others at work) all missed you! - The Brew Meister

linda said...

I love the harbor views. What's a spit?